Introductory Webinar

In this webinar you will find out what the programme is all about. We will introduce you to the four topics of the four appointments which make up the programme. All of this for you to get ideas, possibilities and inspiration on how to be successful in what you do!

The titles of the four appointments are:

  • 1. Value words: feelings you want to transmitValue words: feelings you want to transmit
  • 2. How to value yourself – price setting
  • 3. Work flow – what does your work entail
  • 4. Horizon: Work on your clinic, not only in your clinic

Stay with us if you want to make a considerable difference in the way you work and view your business! Join us for this introductory seminar which describes the programme, and… Join the programme!

Just click on the following link to take part in this introductory webinar (10 Euro):